Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The date has been set – Ellis & Steven will come into this world on Tuesday, July 6th! (That is unless something happens in the mean time but I do not have the feeling that it will.) Dr. Allen decided that a planned c-section the week of the 4th is the best course of action. He said he sees no benefit for them to stay in the womb any longer than that. So we are ready for them to be here so we can start loving on them! It will be at Kennestone Hospital at 10:30am. I should be there about 4 days and hopefully we will all be ready to come home by Friday or Saturday!
My pregnancy has been a true blessing and I have enjoyed every minute of it. BUT, I'm definitely ready for it to be over. We have never wanted to meet anyone so much and we are just overflowing with all the love we plan on giving them. This whole experience has brought Jason and I so close and we can't wait to be parents together!
I have some pictures of the nursery for you all to see; we think it came out really great and the boys will love it! We look forward to seeing everyone afterwards to meet the babies. Just give us a call and we will let everyone know when we are up for it.

Amanda & Jason


Anonymous said...

Oh, how exciting!!!! We are so happy for the two of you (soon to be squared)...The nursery looks great and the news is fantastic! Congratulations!!!


Anonymous said...

sooo exciting!! Can't wait to meet those two boys! The nursery looks amazing. GREAT job mama (AND daddy!)=) -Steph

Gail said...

The nursery looks like a designer's show room! It looks so peaceful and cheerful at the same time. Thinking about all of you and looking forward to pictures. love, gail