Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The date has been set – Ellis & Steven will come into this world on Tuesday, July 6th! (That is unless something happens in the mean time but I do not have the feeling that it will.) Dr. Allen decided that a planned c-section the week of the 4th is the best course of action. He said he sees no benefit for them to stay in the womb any longer than that. So we are ready for them to be here so we can start loving on them! It will be at Kennestone Hospital at 10:30am. I should be there about 4 days and hopefully we will all be ready to come home by Friday or Saturday!
My pregnancy has been a true blessing and I have enjoyed every minute of it. BUT, I'm definitely ready for it to be over. We have never wanted to meet anyone so much and we are just overflowing with all the love we plan on giving them. This whole experience has brought Jason and I so close and we can't wait to be parents together!
I have some pictures of the nursery for you all to see; we think it came out really great and the boys will love it! We look forward to seeing everyone afterwards to meet the babies. Just give us a call and we will let everyone know when we are up for it.

Amanda & Jason

Friday, June 4, 2010

It’s getting closer! We visited the perinatologist on Thursday, June 3rd and received some exciting updates! We learned that both boys are head down (go Steven!), which possibly gives me the option of delivering without a c-section. It is still too soon to tell how it will all play out but I am glad to know that it’s a possibility. Our ultrasound technician was amazed at how active they are and wondered how I slept at night! While I know that c-sections are very safe, I just hate the thought of being out of commission in the very beginning. Not to mention Jason will have his hands full!
Jason just happened to ask Dr. Allen what his thoughts are on when the babies will come and he gave us his honest opinion, which was kind of shocking. I am so used to everyone telling me it’s too early to tell! He said his gut feeling is 35 or 36 weeks. That is the week of June 27th (yes, this month!) or the week of July 4th. We knew the week of July 4th was an option but we were just surprised to hear that it could possibly be the 35th week. Dr. Allen is extremely knowledgeable so he could be right. He now wants to see me weekly so we will know more every week. Let’s just all pray that these boys come out strong with no health issues :)
The nursery is almost complete, just waiting on a finishing touch. I am dying to post some pictures but of course I want everything perfect before I do! I don’t know how, but I managed to find a place for every little thing. I am sure it will never be as clean and organized as it is now, but I am enjoying it in the mean time!

Monday, May 10, 2010

The countdown has begun! I am in my 3rd trimester, about 8-9 weeks from delivery. Dr. Tackitt moved my due date up 1-2 weeks just based on the fact that he does not see me going longer than that. Everything has been going good; we are all healthy and just working at putting on weight! We had a little scare with Steven (Baby B) as he went through a period without gaining much weight. I focused on resting and eating well and at our last visit he put on some major OZ’s! We are now seeing a doctor every week, the specialist one week and my OB the next week so we are under constant monitoring.
We were blessed enough to have 4 fantastic showers! My amazing SIL Jenni hosted the first one and it was absolutely beautiful. She had some great helpers and everything came out looking amazing. We got so many great gifts and are so appreciative. I had 2 work showers, one at my office and one at my mom’s office. Everyone is genuinely happy for us and really went out of their way to make the showers special. Our last shower was at Lake Allatoona, hosted by two dear friends, Chrissy and Amanda W. It was a co-ed shower and was very relaxing. Needless to say, we have more than enough to get us through the first year!
Other than that, we have been steadily preparing at home. The nursery is almost complete and I cannot wait to post some pictures for you all to see. We have had gifts from several family members that have helped bring the room all together. I can’t walk by the room anymore without opening the door and peeking in to envision my two sweet boys in there!

Friday, April 2, 2010

What a Good Friday it is! We have had two doctor appointments over the past two days and everything is going great! First, we met with the perinatologist who measured the boys again. He said they are growing proportionally and there is no need to worry at this point that Steven (baby B) is a little smaller. We will continue to go back every three weeks and track their progress. Ellis (baby A) is weighing in at 1lb. 5oz. and Steven at 14 oz. I am definitely beginning to feel their movements! It is such an incredible feeling!
Today we met with my OB, Dr. Tackitt, and he also said that everything looks great with me: blood pressure, weight, iron, sugars, etc. He gave me a little more peace of mind and let me know that they will not let me go past 38 weeks. So that narrows down the window to sometime between July 4th and July 18th. So the little monkeys will be here sometime in July!!!
Tomorrow is my first baby shower and I can't wait! I know Jenni and everyone else involved will do a fantastic job at making a special day for me! I feel so blessed to have so many loved family members and friends joining me in this celebration. I can't wait to see all the goodies that are going to help make my life a little easier :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

I can’t believe we are a little more than halfway there! We get so excited about meeting the twins but we are not quite ready for them yet. Painting the nursery is done so now we just need to get the carpets cleaned so we can move the furniture in. We can’t wait to put it all together; it is going to look great! It is going to take some time to find a place for all the new things we will be getting at our showers.
This week we had our first appointment with the perinatologist and our hospital tour. We had a very in depth ultrasound at the perinatologist where all their little bones and organs were measured. They also confirmed it is definitely both boys (whew!). Everything looked great although the doctor wants to keep an eye out on Baby B. He said that Baby B is a little smaller than he normally sees at this point but there is no cause for alarm. We will go back in three weeks and they will be able to make a better assessment of his growth. The doctor and the ultrasound tech said he was very uncooperative and flipping around all over the place. Maybe he is just burning all his calories from being so active!
At our hospital tour we were shown where we need to go on the big day. It is a good thing because they are doing construction at the hospital and everything is different now. I made sure Jason knew EXACTLY where to take me! We were able to see the two different rooms we will be in, one for labor and delivery and one for recovery. It definitely got my nerves going just being there!
Next up is our 2nd appointment with the perinatologist on the April 1 and with our regular doctor on April 2. Everyone please help me pray for Baby B to grow big and strong!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Growing, growing, growing! We are halfway there! We had a check up yesterday and everything looks great. My test results for gestational diabetes, downs syndrome and spina bifida all came back negative. We go visit the perinatologist (high risk doctor) next Wednesday to really check these boys (hopefully!) out. The woman who did our ultrasound at Peek-a-belly was pretty positive they are both boys, but since they are not "medical" they can't say 100%. So we will know for sure next week. The babies will be measured at the specialist, every little bone, to make sure everything looks right. It should be a fun visit!
For me, everything is still going pretty smoothly. I am very grateful to be having such an easy pregnancy so far. I'm starting to get a little uncomfortable as far as sleeping and getting up and down. They are definitely starting to put a strain on my body and I can't do much physically. Jason had to push me around in a wheel chair at Babies R Us; we were cracking up!
The nursery is coming along, Grandpa Steve has been meticulously working on painting the trim and door ways. Soon we will be getting the carpets dry cleaned so we can start moving things in!
I have my first shower coming up April 3rd and I am so excited. Aunt Jenni has been working hard on the shower planning and I know it is going to turn out perfect!

Friday, February 19, 2010

It's..........two boys! What a surprise! I think any combination would have been a surprise for us because you just never know. We could not be happier (especially Jason) and feel truly blessed. I know nothing about boys as I only grew up with a sister but it is going to be a fun adventure. I've got three men to take care of me now so I am set! I will probably be calling Bubba (Mrs. Berry) a lot with questions like "Does this need a band aid or do we need to go to urgent care?". Jason was always getting injured as a little boy.
Of course Jason is immediately thinking water skiing, motorcycles and I on the other hand am thinking singer/guitar player, chef. We can't wait to see what type of boys they are. From the ultrasound, it is apparent that one (Baby A) is a little more laid back than the other (Baby B). Baby A seems to be a little bigger, faster heartbeat and was just chillin on his back the whole time. Baby B was doing flips and crossing his legs, much more active. They say that how twins are in the womb is a glimpse of how they will be in real life. So Baby A is a little more "chill" like me and Baby B is a little more spastic like Jason. We will see!
Now we are ready to pick out both names and get the nursery decorated. I will be sure to post some pictures as it comes along. We have two appointments coming up, March 4th with my OB and March 10th with the perinatologist. I will be back then to report on their progress!